Integrated Cell Biology: last sessions 2016-2017

The 2 last sessions of the Integrated Cell Biology course will be held in the weeks of 3-7 April (ICB-4) and 10-13/18 April (ICB-3). Both sessions are open for Master's students, PhDs and Postdocs.

Vidi grant awarded to Dr. Martina Vijver

For her proposal "The added risk of size at the nano-bio interface: quantifying uptake, internal localization and partitioning of metal-based nanoparticles in aquatic organisms", Dr. Martina Vijver has been awarded a Vidi grant as part of NWO's Innovation Research Incentives scheme.

HFSP Program-Grant to Remus Dame

Unfolding the principles of genome folding and dynamics in bacteria.

All organisms must organize their DNA within the confines of the cell. This is achieved by a combination of “passive” factors (e.g. cell size and shape) and “active” processes (e.g. DNA folding proteins). While much is known about how DNA is organized in higher organisms, we still have little understanding of DNA folding in bacteria.

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